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iHospital for Business & Education

Whether you are a MNC, Bank, School or large corporations, We can handle your IT gadget repairs.

No more fake parts or complaints from your customers or internal staff!

Competitive Corporate Pricing

We take pride in offering authentic parts for your corporate devices. That is the only way to ensure quality standards and fulfil our clients expectations. Fill in the form below for our tailored quote to you.

Authentic Parts

We only use authentic components. You no longer have to handle complaints from your customers or staff and incur repeated repair costs from fake components.  We have reasons to believe your current repair vendor are using fake parts and passing them off as authentic thus causing a myriad of issues with your clients or staff.

90 Days Warranty

iHospital takes pride in only using authentic parts, therefore our warranty is the same as Apple Authorised Centers who also offers 90 days warranty. 

Fastest Turnaround time

Our turnaround time is the fastest in the industry. Through our years of experience working with big banks and International Schools, we have streamlined the process and ensure that your devices are back in your hands, ready for deployment again.

Social Responsibility

Being a social enterprise for employing persons with disabilities and ex-offenders, we need your help to make this world a better place for them. 90% of our staff are underprivileged, was unemployed and disadvantaged due to difficult circumstances and situations. We hope you can help us to help them, help themselves.

For Insurance Companies

We know the amount of complaints you have received from your clients about how their device is just not the same after its been repaired, how the same device has been sent back for service again and again with unsatisfactory results and unsatisfied customers. Feel free to talk to us and find out why and how we are better than your current provider. 

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